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Mission: Prototyping water drops stories


A friendly invite to become the stewards of water. LASAI (eng. Drops Travel) is an embodiment experiment that explores the theme of water intelligence from the micro lens. Animated poem(s) showcase a water drop traveling through all bodies and waters on Earth collecting wisdom. A drop here is a character that never dies, remembers everything, exists as an interactive library of all life's knowledge, an expression of water as intelligence that's worth protecting.

This project is an open project for collating mini stories with water drops metaphor.

The name "lasai" means "drops" in Lithuanian. It also has a funny sounding end of "ai" at the end which relates to water as intelligence theme. "Drops" are a metaphor for creativity: idea puzzles are like drops, when many drops come together, there is an ocean: a body of the idea. Same in this project submissions are "drops".

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