Methods: Loving Systems.

Loving Systems Logging P&L: -1 (≃ -10 USD)

Experimenting if consciously feeling Love in everyday thinking and actions make impact on wellbeing YAML Project Produce

21 day habit-forming experiment:

How our lives will change (or not! it's an experiment) if we practise to feel Love in our daily thoughts and actions -

  • when responding to clients (wishing them Love),

  • when buying food and cooking (wishing a meal Love),

  • when reading the news (wishing all humans and the earth Love),

  • when responding to friends and strangers on the Internet (wishing them Love),


How to participate?

In that moment of sending love energy, capture the emotion through spontaneous photo or video with an intention to collect lifelogs from the perspective of "How does body as a system experience Loving Energy?". Photos as they happen are shared on a collective Instagram account

Comment here if you will participate and want access to Instagram :)

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What/How shall we monitor our wellbeing in this experiment?

How do we know we think Love Energy? And how do we know it has any impact on our life? :))

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    : Mindey
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We are diving into artistic collective lifelogging!

Open Experiment goes:

In that moment of sending love energy, we mark it through spontaneous photo or video with an intention to collect lifelogs on "How does body experience Loving Energy?". Photos as they happen are shared on a collective Instagram account. Share a Story as it happens. Once a day share a Feed Post from each that summarises those day's experience.

Anyone who wants to participate in the experiment will access this Instagram account :)

By the end of 21 end period we'll have a collective library of images that captured our Loving Energy moments. These will store those emotions and can be further used for creating along this theme.

Experiment Day 05: since yesterday I feel pain in my back. Its so interesting process and I realize that the practice of lovingsystems is hard when something hurts, your attention go there and just want a quick solution. I'm breathing, talking with my nerves and muscles, learning a new way of communication with this living body I inhabit.

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    : Mindey, Ruta
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// the practice of lovingsystems is hard when something hurts, your attention go there and just want a quick solution

[malü], yes... sending love! this morning I read about senses: "when you place your fingers on your wrist to feel your pulse, you’re actually feeling a construction based on your brain’s predictions and the actual sense data. You don’t experience sensations with your sense organs. You experience them with your brain."

I wonder if pains are like signals the bodies are sending to minds?

it reminds what Mansoor was saying about observing linear thinking in action. so I wonder how might we release body pains?

overall, linear thinking (analysis) to me feels like more resources demanding, like using more energy, I get tired more quickly compared to when I'm tuned into non-linear values.

another thought - when observing the body these 5 days, I noticed the body is demanding me to rest more, so I did. I wonder if we would track resting time or quality of resting as part of this experiment? here again, to me it feels that loving-systems are about no-judgment, no-expectation, minimum effort approach, and resting is definitely a minimum effort!

hey hey, 21 day challenge completed! and here's my reflection.

what happened? I tried to feel more loving energy throughout a day, when experiencing the day but also when interacting with others and environment. I took photos of body parts (10 feed photos with my hands, hair) or my environment (8 feed photos are nature and 3 were digital) and posted to a shared Instagram account - story posts as they happened and a feed post once a day.

how do I feel now? so I feel more calm, peace, trust (even in chaos). also I notice the connection between the body and the mind, i.e. when the body is tired, the mind is angry and more reactive, less observant. life feels easier too. there's hope and trust in the process. a sense of togetherness too. like, there's a deeper bond that bonds everything.

what's next? I'd like to do 21 more days challenge with some changes to the experiment. perhaps slowing down, lifelogging on paper perhaps, being more intentional with emotional shift - being more observant, transforming judgment into observation, transforming a default response to the energy of unconditional love in difficult situations (when feeling pain, tension, conflict). I'm curious to introduce a small paper notebook that fits the pocket and lifelog the moments when this transformation to observation happens, I'm curious to lifelog using saliva and a fingerprint as an invisible lifelog on paper, i.e. I know I lifelogged it, but I cannot see it, thus I don't count it (because counting sometimes sparks judgment). also, I'd like to introduce sound to the experiment. when listening to music, the body starts to dance and shift emotions instantly. thinking, what repeatable sounds that relate to the message of "universal love" would be cool to experiment in here. lastly, I'm curious to introduce a reflection moment, in the evening, before sleep to reflect how was the day like - observing, not judging, and perhaps sending some more loving energy to the universe.

to sum up, my next 21 day experiment will focus on: transforming judgment, conflict, tension into love and lifelogging those moments on a tiny notebook (finger dipped into saliva and marked on paper). tbc: sound and sleep reflection.

    : Mindey
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