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Prototyping water drops stories
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Open project for collating mini stories with water drops metaphor.

The name "lasai" means "drops" in Lithuanian. It also has a funny sounding end of "ai" at the end which relates to water as intelligence theme. "Drops" are a metaphor for creativity: idea puzzles are like drops, when many drops come together, there is an ocean: a body of the idea. Same in this project submissions are "drops".

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So I have my draft one and here are my learnings!

Draft is about "A Water Cycle as if I’m a Water Drop": playing with a narrative as if I’m a water drop, making sounds, while I travel from the rainy cloud to the house roof, to the soil, to the underground waters, to the house, the human body, toilet and sanitation system, open waters, animal bodies, microplastics, human dish plate.

The purpose is to show how water transforms and unites all bodies (life) on earth. The message is to inspire spectators to think about the impact of their shopping habits and their health, the water health. (Clean freshwater (drinkable water) is disappearing on Earth.)

  • RE writing, I'd like to find the right words that express how water sounds depending on its form (rain, tap drop, etc). RE visual presentation, perhaps to include spoken word with those exact sounds of "slurp", "pop pop (rain)", etc.

  • RE concept, I had a thought to link water cycle with a creativity process...